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A few weeks ago, I read a book titled The Magdalen Manuscript by Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion. I was very intrigued by the title, as I’ve often wondered about the real identity and role of Mary Madgdalen in Jesus’ life. Also, I questioned the true place that women held in early Christianity as well as the link with human sexuality.

Kenyon is a musician (psychoacoustics), researcher, and Transpersonal Psychotherapist whereas Sion has a background that’s mostly in communications, advertising and writing.  Their paths crossed through a series of unusual events, and the two became best friends, business partners, lovers and ultimately soulmates in their joined efforts to help bring back the Feminine Element in a male dominated world.

The core of The Magdalen Manuscript is a series of channeled sessions of the Magdalen Spirit using Tom Kenyon’s body as a vehicle. Kenyon spoke while Sion took meticulous notes.  These sessions took place between Thanksgiving and Christmas, 2000.

Tom Kenyon is the first to admit in his introduction of the book that he is unsure if the Mary Magdalen story that he channeled is factual. However, he explains that the internal alchemical methods that Magdalen describes is very accurate, and has the potential to have a very positive impact on how women and sexuality in general are understood in the context of spiritual evolution.

There are three main sections to the book: 1) the channeled Magdalen Manuscript; 2) the fundamentals of Internal Alchemy; and 3) Judie Sion’s life story. I will highlight the major points found in these three parts.

Mary Magdalen’s father was from Mesopotamia and her mother from Egypt. When she was 12 years old, she started her Initiate training, learning about the secrets of Egypt, the Alchemies of Horus, and the Sexual Magic of the Isis Cult. An Initiate is someone who has decided to leave behind ordinary life and chosen to explore the different levels of human consciousness.

Jesus’ (Yeshua) mother (Mary) was also trained in Egypt as an Initiate of the Cult of Isis and became a highly developed Master.  The purity of her spirit, her natural abilities and training enable her to be the right vessel for the Immaculate Conception of Yeshua.

Initiates of her order were often mistaken for prostitutes by the Hebrews because they were all required to wear a gold serpent arm bracelet. However Yeshua (also an Initiate) and Mary Magdalen immediately recognized each other and knew the vital part that they would play in each other’s lives.

Magdalen became Jesus’ wife, his preferred disciple, and a respected spiritual Master.  Therefore at the dawn of Christianity, women held positions of power equal to men.  This equality of power officially changed after the Council of Nicea in 325 AD.  At that landmark historical event, Emperor Constantine ordered the adding of the “prostitute” label to Mary Magdalen, and declared that Christianity was the new and unifying religion of his empire.

Shortly before Yeshua was crucified, he and Mary Magdalen conceived of a child named Sar’h. Fearful for their lives after Yeshua’s crucifixion, the child and Mary Magdalen fled west.  They spent the rest of their lives between France and England.

Mary Magdalen’s main role was to help Yeshua increase his energy (Ka) body through the Sexual Magic techniques in order to prepare him for the crucifixion. Contrary to many of his followers’ perception of him, Yeshua had many doubts, and wondered if he would have the courage to go through the crucifixion ordeal. Also, although he saw the potential for greatness in others, he was well aware of people’s very limited level of awareness. This reality troubled him deeply.

The Ka body is the exact copy of the physical body but it is made of energy and light. When greater energy is infused into this aura layer, it can be easily seen with the naked eye. Furthermore, a strong Ka increases one’s magnetic field and gives the person the ability to quickly manifest things in the physical world.

The Ka body resides in the quantum realm where pure subjectivity rules. Any object that is less than 1/1000 of an inch in size is subjected to the laws of quantum physics such as the intention of an observer changes what s/he perceives.  The mind is the interface between the physical world (Newtonian) and the spiritual world (Quantum).  Consequently what one holds in mind tends to manifest in the physical world.

The Sexual Magic of Isis is the interaction of the active force (man) and receptive force (woman) as equals and opposites in the sexual union. There needs to be deep trust, love, truth and appreciation between partners to successfully engage in this ancient practice.  Therefore the man and the woman have chosen to enter into a Sacred Relationship. In the process, an internal alchemical reaction takes place, and impurities are brought to light to be purified.

The energy produced during sex is directed upwards through the spinal column in a serpent-like fashion intersecting the 7 chakras. In this context, orgasms are optional or preferably avoided. As each chakra is penetrated by this energy, their corresponding functions/organs are revitalized.  For example, when the solar plexus (3rd chakra) is energized, one may become more self-assured and have healthier personal boundaries.

The goal is to use the energy generated during sex to rapidly increase the brain’s potential for intelligence, creativity, spiritual growth, and ultimately one becomes God-like.  Therefore, the “magic” of the Sexual Magic of Isis is the transformation of an intelligent animal into a true human being.

We may never know if the entity that Tom Kenyon channeled for the writing of The Magdalen Manuscript is the true spirit of Mary Magdalen.  However, the information that was received challenges the role of women and sexuality within the Christian faith.

The other sections added to The Manuscript by Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion help deepen our understanding of the role of the male and female elements for our spiritual growth. It may be because of the great benefit of practices such as the Sexual Magic of Isis that they have been kept hidden.  Thus this book can be the starting point in our own journey of self-discovery through Internal Alchemy.

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Literary Truths

Here is more interesting information found in The Magdalen Manuscript:

  • “Magdalen” is a spiritual recognition. There exists a hidden Order of Magdalen.
  • Yeshua and Mary Magdalen were married in a rabbinical tradition. Yeshua changed the water into wine during his wedding.
  • Yeshua exorcised the 7 demons (or impurities) out of Mary Magdalen by clearing her chakras.  She in turn purified his 7 chakras using the same method.
  • The Resurrection of Yeshua (Jesus) happened when his physical body dissolved into its constituent elements in a flash of light and heat.
  • For single people, it is still possible to energize the Ka through the sole practice of the Alchemies of Horus.
  • For same sex couples, the interaction of semen and the womb does not occur, but all the other aspects of the Sex Magic applies.
  • Internal alchemical practices often result in an increase in: 1) alpha and/or theta wave activity in the frontal brain areas; 2) endorphins and other “feel good” neurotransmitters; 3) right brain dominance; 4) relaxation response (slower breathing) and 4) paranormal abilities such as clairvoyance.

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