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“(…) the mind does not really ‘know’ anything.  If anything, it only knows ‘about’, and it cannot really know because to really know means to be that which is known (…)”

David R. Hawkins, The Eye of the I

Throughout my life I have heard people casually use the word ‘love’.  For example, they love a person, their pet, their favorite dish or music. What that ‘love’ usually means is a fondness for someone or something. Although they may be sincere, my intuition senses that these statements do not reflect reality.

Let’s explore this idea…

Everything in the Universe is made of energy – people, animals, plants, food, objects, thoughts and emotions.  Each energy level has a frequency and certain characteristics that make it unique.  Generally the higher the energy, the greater its capacity to sustain life.  For example, organic raw food is usually more healthful than highly processed food.

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Love is also a particular level of energy. Thanks to American psychiatrist David R. Hawkins, this energy can be measured through kinesiology on a scale from 1 to 1000, and can gage where someone is in terms of their spiritual evolution. That measure is usually very stable throughout people’s life unless there is a dramatic event that rewires their nervous system.

According to Hawkins, the level of love (500) marks a significant perceptual shift in a person from a linear, logical worldview to a nonlinear, spiritual one.  Consequently, the individual becomes right brain dominant with a measurable increase in brain endorphins, alpha waves, and brainwave coherence.

Love comes from the Heart chakra and has a soothing effect on its surroundings. Only about 4% of the world population has reached this level. When this love becomes unconditional at calibration 540, it emanates from the Crown chakra and miracle healings spontaneously occur. Only one person out of 250 presently functions at that level.

It is critical to understand that in order for someone to know what love is, he or she has to become love.  In other words, love is not a fleeting emotion, but a stable level of awareness with a corresponding energy and frequency signature.

As an energy healer, my experience of love is very different from most people. Healers are usually able to see or feel the energy around them.  Therefore, they can easily detect if someone vibrates at the level of love. Based on various experiments I have conducted, love could be defined as “a particular intensity of life energy that promotes health”.

Fear and love can be placed on a continuum, with one end leading to death and the other life. Fear is therefore the opposite of love (see the diagram below).

Fear vs Love

Love is a very gentle, light, warm, harmless, yet powerful energy.  It is supportive of life and therefore gives energy to its surroundings. By contrast, fear is a very irritating, heavy, cold, weak, harmful energy that absorbs energy from its surroundings.  The greater the love or the fear, the more their respective characteristics are felt.

When it comes to sex, the energy of love is essential for it to be a positive experience.  Although many people use the expression ‘making love’, in reality they are ‘making fear’ as both individuals involved in the sexual exchange often have not reached the level of love.

How does love heal?

Based on my observations, when people are fearful their bodies contract and there is reduced energy, blood flow and nutrients going to certain organs.  If the fear is constant, the most vulnerable organs will eventually malfunction and disease sets in.

Anyone whose energy is higher than someone else can have a positive effect on that person’s well being.  However, a natural born healer is a person whose energy is significantly higher than most people or is at the level of unconditional love.

During a healing session, the transfer of unconditional love energy from the healer to the client often results in ‘miracle’ healings.  This energy has the capacity to quickly relax the body and increase blood flow and nutrients to the affected areas.

These healings are viewed as miraculous because they do not follow the prevailing Newtonian linear paradigm. Also, there are yet no devices that can measure life energy to verify its existence, although the effects of that energy are evident.

It is important to underline the fact that unconditional love does not mean perfection.  The word ‘love’ could be substituted for health, therefore unconditional love can be translated as a ‘very healthy or whole energy’.

One of the great challenges of being human is that the old reptilian and animal brain is still present and functional.  Therefore animal instincts and aggressive tendencies persist although we have a prefrontal lobe that allows us to be rational.

Love, Healer's Persp Pict 2Interestingly, the seat of love and fear can be identified in the human brain. The amygdala, an almond-shape set of neurons located deep in the brain, is associated with the modulation of these emotions.  Paradoxically, the right amygdala is associated with fear whereas the left one with love.

Behavioural neuroscientist Todd Murphy has studied the brains of enlightened individuals.  He noticed that the right amygdala of these people was deactivated, and only the left one worked at full capacity.  Therefore enlightenment might mean that a person has permanently lost the ability to feel fear and has conquered his/her animal nature.

It may be difficult for most people to imagine living without fear or its other associated negative emotions. But according to a Course in Miracles and many spiritual masters, unconditional love and the ability to perform miracles is our normal state. Thus the fact that the vast majority of people are not enlightened is the anomaly.

Fortunately, we can all reach that state of permanent bliss. Practices such daily meditation and leading a moral life help us move away from fear and closer to unconditional love, and eventually we can all become enlightened.

There are many concepts in relationships that have not been clearly defined and love is one of them. Healers tend to have a different view of love because contrary to most people, they are able to see or feel this particular energy.

Love is the opposite of fear, and loving individuals often behave in positive, life affirming ways. Unfortunately, most people are still dominated by their animal instincts, which prevent them from experience true joy.

However, we are all born with the capacity to live in a state of bliss.  We need to have a strong desire to reach that goal and follow certain practices such as meditation that can deactivate our brain fear center.  Therefore we can transform ourselves from a spiritualized animal to a loving human being.

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Literary Truth

According to A Course in Miracles, miracles based on unconditional love have some of the following characteristics:

  • Are under Source control – Only the Higher Power knows when it is appropriate to perform a miracle.
  • Collapse time – Miracles are a learning device that eliminate the need for time, therefore the lesson is instantaneously learned.
  • Have no order of difficulty – Raising the dead or healing someone from a common illness both require no effort.
  • Are natural – The absence of regular miracles is a sign that something is wrong.
  • Are thoughts – Thoughts that represent the spiritual level of existence are conducive to miracles.
  • Are performed through prayer – It is the way human beings communicate with Source.
  • Are the maximal service a person can render to another – It is the way to love our neighbour like ourselves.
  • Should inspire gratitude, not awe – Miracles should not be used as spectacles to convince people of the existence of the spiritual realm.

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