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Love: A Healer’s Perspective

Let’s Talk! “(…) the mind does not really ‘know’ anything.  If anything, it only knows ‘about’, and it cannot really know because to really know means to be that which is known (…)” David R. Hawkins, The Eye of the I Throughout my life I have heard people casually use the word ‘love’.  For example, […]


The Eye of the I

Let’s Talk! On September 19, 2012 in Sedona Arizona, Sir David Ramon Hawkins M.D. Ph.D., made his transition to the spirit world. He was 85 years old. Dr. Hawkins died peacefully and is survived by his loving wife Susan J. Hawkins and his two stepdaughters. For me and for many of his devoted followers, his […]


Power Versus Force

Let’s Talk! Spiritual gurus abound in the New Age movement in North America, and consequently it is difficult to differentiate between the real spiritual teachers and the false ones. An acquaintance recently told me about a controversial paperback titled Power Versus Force by the American Psychiatrist David R. Hawkins, and I was very impressed by […]