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Change or Transformation?

Let’s Talk! It’s the beginning of the year, and you have to make changes in your life. Maybe you need to quit that mind-numbing job or end a toxic relationship. You have thought about it for months—maybe even years— but why haven’t you taken action? There are countless books, tapes, and videos that offer tools […]


Spiritual Union

Let’s Talk! You may have heard of the term Tantra used in the context of New Age sexual techniques.  It is often portrayed as some mysterious practice that enables people to reach higher levels of sexual satisfaction. Even popular television shows such as Sex and the City had an episode that mentioned a few of […]


Power Versus Force

Let’s Talk! Spiritual gurus abound in the New Age movement in North America, and consequently it is difficult to differentiate between the real spiritual teachers and the false ones. An acquaintance recently told me about a controversial paperback titled Power Versus Force by the American Psychiatrist David R. Hawkins, and I was very impressed by […]